Monday, July 24, 2017


I have a charge, not and address captioned, open "THINK CONTRIBUTION"  if you don't want to die in frustration, Think contribution. you will never be remember  for what you have, you will be remember for what you add. Think contribution. Living for survival make s slave, live for others. Only does who lives for others become leaders. Think contribution. We have about 4 million Graduate walking in the street of Nigeria, looking for means of life, Think contribution the idea of agro-prenuership came to be because is one thing to get to the market and other things to find what you are looking for. the jobs are not there. that is why from the out set, we caught this light to raise job creators, not job seekers. The cheapest way to be a job creators is to engage in agro-prenuership, getting involved in what we remain relevant for life. No matter the development and height anyone will scale, food will remain ever relevant.
There is not going to be any laboratory in this life that will prepared food in form of tablet to be taken and one will feel  fed. Food will be relevant as long as life remains. Think of an area of your life where you will remain relevant and agro-prenuership is one cheap way to remain relevant in you adventure life, particularly now that the white collar job is going as the population is growing so much money is spent in importing food Think solution, Think contribution. Think contribution and your life will never lose meaning. If you are asked today what did the chancellor say, "Think contribution so you don't die in frustration" think relevant, get committed to adding values and you find your life continue to grow from one level of glory to another. 
It's important, having heard all the lectures, to let you have this as conclusion that going forth to a World that is in dire made of contributors. You are going a world that is full of possessors but lack contributors. Think contribution, your generation will rise Tomorrow to bless you. Don't think of going back to the laps of your parent. that will be living failed life. You have been given the best of Education; Now translate it to making contribution and your life will never lack meaning . 

It''s important to appreciate this facts that, "The less possessive we are, the more contributive we become." In most cases, highly possessive people are never known to be contributive. They want it all for themselves and is never enough so they want more and more. I made a discovery sometime back, that people don't lack what they give " they only lack what they keep. Think contribution.    

Monday, July 10, 2017

Abuja-Kaduna Express way Rain disaster Suleja Niger State on 9 July, 2017

On 9th July, 2017 , there was heavy Rain fall disaster on Abuja-Kaduna Express way Suleja . This claim many lives and destroy buildings and Bridges .

Water pipeline was broken by Erosion and electricity poles fall and was seriously damage, a families are missing , a man lost his wife and six children, dead bodies  was floating on top the high speed Erosion. almost half of a village (called Haji) building perish. It is a bad day for everybody living in that area.

Friday, June 30, 2017

No Do No Garagara for me (Joke)

This Mosquitoes of Nowadays have no respect again.

They will come to  your ears and start singing "If i tell you say i love o, your body your blood na my own o baby, 30 Liters for my belle ooh, Malaria and fever na your own o baby. No do, No do, No do garagara for me aah.

Trying to kill them you will end up slapping yourself.